The superb, multilayered ‘Out of My Head’ written and directed by Susanna Styron, examines one of the cruelest medical afflictions imaginable: Migraines.

The biggest takeaway from this film is that migraines need to be taken seriously. Watch it. Share it. Out of My Head is an important documentary.

OUT OF MY HEAD is a powerful, provocative cinematic essay about migraine… an expertly produced film which brings vital attention to the subject of migraine, and, especially to the people who suffer its impacts.

New Film Explores Migraine

This film couldn’t be any more personal, articulate, and informative…

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[Migraine is] done a disservice by the word ‘headache,’ because that is metaphorically misused to describe something that’s annoying.

Cory Stieg. The Migraine Stigma We Don’t Talk About Enough. Refinery29, 04-02-2018.

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… heartfelt documentary shedding much-needed light on a too often misunderstood condition… informative and engrossing.