Out of my Head is a documentary that exposes this stigma as only an eye witness can.

Dr. Robert Paul Cowan, MD, FAAN, Director, Stanford Headache Program, Stanford University School of Medicine

Masterpiece…beautifully written and filmed.

Judge Anne Thompson

An impressive deep dive into a condition that impacts millions, especially women. What an important service this film does! Bravo!

Victoria Riskin, Film Writer and Producer, Past President of the Writers Guild of America

A terrific achievement; education in a profound way.

Joan Gussow, Emerita Professor of Nutrition and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

A moving, illuminating and necessary film.

Annette Insdorf, Film Historian, Educator and Author, Columbia University

Astounding. Enlightening. Terrifying. Hopeful. I was moved by the stories of individual pain and inspired by the common humanity we all share.

Tom Fontana, Producer/Writer, Creator of OZ and BORGIA

An excellent job with communicating the struggles, frustration, despair and perseverance migraine patients encounter.

Janelle Schafer

Amazing. Sad. Inspirational. A must see for anyone in primary health care.

Roger O'Toole

The film captures the entire family experience – patient, spouse, parent – authentically spot on.

Tammy Rome, Migraine Advocate

Migraine doesn’t kill, but it kills the soul.


Very powerful! An important message to get out to the medical professional and public.

Bobbi Sue Brown

I don’t suffer from migraine, but watching the film has made me understand completely how it feels to live with them, and the importance of investigating more about them. It’s a film which I personally want to show everyone, to make them understand what is the meaning of the ‘migraine.’


Grabbed my heart strings from the beginning. Made me feel horrible how I treated an employee who suffered from migraines.


Very moving, just the motivation I needed to finish my PHD about migraine! I want to show this to all my colleagues!

Linda Buntinx


Simon Evans, Migraine Action

This film gives voice to many aspects of migraine as a neurologic disorder and as a human experience. Congratulations and thanks.

Dr. Richard Lipton, Executive Director, Montefiore Headache Center

EXCELLENT. The stories were phenomenal.

Mary Franklin, Executive Director, National Headache Foundation